Now that I look at this image there are few curiosities.

  1.  There are several caissons on the left with artillery.  This is likely the artillery brought from the river, as I dont think Lyons brought any artillery with his forces.  Hence I suspect that this is a photograph of the Missouri Militia.
  2. In the center to the left of the fold I noted that there is a banner with a big M.  Good Lord…it looks like a Mizzou football game.
  3. There is a small farm on the right side of the photo.  I dont think there is a farm located on any of the maps of the encampment.
  4. There are a number of officers on horseback in the center right part of the image, as well as a dozen drummers.
  5. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I just noticed that there is a road extending at an angle from the front of the building to the left.  I wonder if this is the intersection of Olive and Lindell?
Plan of Camp Jackson from contemporary sources.