We will begin work on August 16 at 930.  Be prepared for soggy conditions.


Students who wish to volunteer for this project should contact Dr. Thomas Finan as soon as possible at thomas.finan@slu.edu.

No archaeological experience is necessary.  We will train students on site as we go, but we will require that students sign on for at least one week of work.  Students should expect fairly heavy physical labor outdoors.  Students should wear “stout” shoes (no flip-flops, open toed shoes, sandals, etc).  Hiking style boots are preferred.  Students should bring water bottles, sun protection, and clothes they would not mind getting dirty.

All equipment will be provided.  Students may be asked to use their phones to collect images during excavation.

Excavations are presently scheduled to begin on Monday, August 13, at around 9am in Tegler Field.

Any students who are available on Thursday and Friday, August 9 and 10, can assist in initial setup of the site.  Geophysical survey of the site will begin on Wednesday, August 8.

****NOTE:  work is not going to proceed on Thursday due to heat.******